Tropico 4 available on PC!

Welcome back, Presidente! It’s me, Penultimo, your most loyal supporter. It’s been a while, but you are now back in charge of our beautiful Tropical island. The country is in a bit of a mess – you will have to appoint your ministers and start working on your political agenda as soon as possible. Being the talented leader that you are, I know you will have no problem maneuvering not only between the US and USSR, but also between Europe, China and the Middle East!


All those pretentious ambassadors and insubstantial rumors about an impending coup d’etat can wait, your real problem is the volcano that is about to erupt any minute now… As I depart on my urgent diplomatic assignment to Florida, I keep my good faith in you, dear Presidente. Viva El Presidente, and good luck!


Watch the trailer here.

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