Surviving Mars for Xbox and PC ultimate beginner’s guide: Tips, tricks, and more

Here’s what you need to know to get started with Surviving Mars – the ultimate beginner’s guide!

Thank you, Windows Central for the great review! By Jez Gorden

Surviving Mars is an amazing survival simulation game from Haemimont Games, known for the Tropico series. As its name suggests, Surviving Mars is all about surviving, on Mars. You and a few billion dollars are all that stands between your handful of colonists and domination of the red planet.

Surviving Mars at its core is a management game, where your main aim is the efficient use of resources available to you. You’ll have to manage all types of materials, deposits, colonist’s needs, oxygen, food, water, maintenance, research, and various other systems that will demand near-constant attention (depending on the difficulty you choose).

While this guide won’t go over everything you need to know (since discovery in Surviving Mars is half of the fun), these tips and pointers will help you establish a colony on Mars and avoid wiping out your brave colonists.

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