58 BC - Caesar's conquest of Gaul

At the day of the spring equinox, a swarm of riders flooded the land. Help was neither wanted nor given, and each of the proud tribes stood for itself.

One by one, many strongholds fell to the Dogs of Death and paid their toll of blood. Where the force was not enough, treachery was used. And thus fell Kormaris.

Children were screaming and women were killed before their beloved.

In a moment of deep grieving a desperate man swore an oath at a sacred place – “She of the War, I adjure you to give me revenge! Every life I shall take I devote to you! Give me the power I need!“ And in his outburst of anger, he wove his destiny.

And the destiny of many others.

A fine blend of strategy, combat, and role playing.

Computer Gaming World [Nov 2002, p.122]

Truly a delight to play. I found myself going back and forth from RPG to RTS. It’s a great dilemma to have.


It’s a very solid, polished, and playable title that pinches nearly perfect amounts from two staples of modern PC gaming and combines them into a lovely, warm broth.


This game is really more of a strategy than a real RPG. This is far from bad… on the contrary; the guys from Haemimont Games did a good job combining what is hard to combine.