Tropico 4

Tropico 4 is a strategy simulation for the PC and Xbox 360. The game follows in the footsteps of Tropico, bringing many new features like interactive disasters, council of ministers, trade, and Facebook integration. The player continues to rule his island as the benevolent or tyrannical dictator El Presidente.


"El Presidente" is getting much more exposure as his major deeds are recorded and published on Facebook and Twitter. But he is not alone - a faithful (at least until an alternative presents itself) group of ministers will help him bring Tropico to the 21st century!

  The First Templar
The First Templar is a co-operative action-adventure game that follows the story of Celian, a Knight Templar and his companions. The heroes have to work together to unveil the mysteries behind the Templar Order and discover the secrets of the Holy Grail.
  Tropico 3
Tropico 3 is the long-awaited re-launch of the famous Tropico-franchise. The game is a Real-Time Strategy and City-Building simulation, which seamlessly blends politics, construction and economy. You find yourself in the shoes of "El Presidente", a banana republic dictator somewhere in the Caribbean during the Cold War era. Your choices determine whether you'll be remembered as a benevolent ruler or a ruthless tyrant.
  Grand Ages: Rome

Grand Ages: Rome is the long awaited sequel to Imperium Romanum. In addition to the entirely new gameplay and visuals, the game features competitive and cooperative multiplayer modes, including the unique "team city" option, allowing up to 4 players to govern one city. Players will be able to create and develop persistent characters from one of five prominent Roman families. Each family provides access to unique talents and a different gameplay experience.

  Imperium Romanum
Imperium Romanum is a city-building strategy game set in Ancient Rome. It is the successor to Glory of the Roman Empire. The game introduces new gameplay mechanics such as currency, crime, settlers and a new battle system. Imperium Romanum features 16 History Mode missions, 16 free build scenarios and vastly improved graphics.
  Glory of the Roman Empire

Glory of the Roman Empire is a historical city builder that brings us back to ancient Rome during the Pax Romana. In this time of culture and marvel the player takes the role of Imperial Governor transforming newly established settlements into majestic metropolises. The game focuses on the beauty of city building and management allowing players to watch as the city's inhabitants lead their everyday lives gradually transforming their home town in one of the jewel of antiquity.

  Rising Kingdoms
Rising Kingdoms is a fantasy, real-time strategy game in which the player builds and expands his empire by capturing independent colonies of Elves, Trolls, Shades, Nomands, and Dragons. This game focuses on empire development and dynamic tactical battles where the three primary races – Humans, Foresters, and Darklings - battle for dominance over the world of Equiada.
  Imperivm: Great Battles of Rome
Imperivm: Great Battles of Rome is a sequel to the award winning RPG/RTS games Celtic Kings: Rage of War and The Punic Wars. This game features three brand new nations, a new combat system, and hero skills that can be developed.
  The Punic Wars
Continuing on the traditions of the original, award-winning Celtic Kings: Rage of War title, The Punic Wars (aka Nemesis of the Roman Empire) explores the three Punic wars fought by Rome and Carthage between 264 BC and 146 BC and includes the famous campaigns of Hannibal and Scipio Africanus. This game introduces new nations, units, upgrades, and strategies while preserving the fresh and unique gameplay of its highly acclaimed predecessor.
  Celtic Kings: Rage of War
Celtic Kings: Rage of War is a real-time strategy game with online multiplayer features that mixes strategy and role-playing elements. The adventure takes place in ancient Gaul where four mighty forces battle for power: the brave Gauls, the mighty Romans, the vicious Teutons, and the mysterious Druids who "weave the patterns" that make nations prosper or decay.
  Tzar: The Burden of the Crown
Tzar: Burden of the Crown is a medieval fantasy, real-time strategy game with a number of of RPG elements. A gamer is able play one of three distinct races: European, Asian, or Arabian. The gamer's civilization and economy are dependent on his ability to harvest four different resources, to master two different trade methods, and to defend his kingdom with powerful and unique warriors.