Patch 1.2 for Rising Kingdoms is now available
January 9, 2006

Patch version 1.2 for Rising Kingdoms is now available and can be downloaded from Black Bean's official site here (5 MB). In addition you can download it from Haemimont Games.

The patch introduces some new features and some balance issues found during Online Battle matches. We appreciate our fans' patience and their feedback.

Please refer to the patch notes to see all the changes here.

More reviews for Rising Kingdoms
July 12, 2005

Today we represent three more reviews for our latest fantasy RTS Rising Kingdoms. The respective music tracks of the three races fit quite well the atmosphere and work professional.

neXGam: Nothing surprisingly new, but still fun to play. Good AI, three campaigns plus editor - RK is a must have for strategy fans. Who is faithful to the genre and search urgently classical fantasy, doubtlessly could take an excursion in the world of Equiada.

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Rising Kingdoms receives additinal recognition
July 11, 2005

Over the past week our latest game Rising Kingdoms received a few more reviews from the game press. Here what they say about our latest game:

Just Gamers: ...the graphic is quite pretty, the heroes instigate thankfully to the special talents which are easy to learn, the interface is knitted and the multi-player mode makes the hours fun.

Splash Games: A solid strategy game for the fans of the genre.

Games Planet: Innovative game-play and atmospherical feel combined into a highly original game.

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First comments on Rising Kingdoms
July 6, 2005

Rising Kingdoms - our latest RTS set in the fantasy world of Equiada, receives its first recognition from the specialized media.

Here are some comments from the press:

Game Cell UK: All in all, Rising Kingdoms is a solid, well put together fantasy RTS.

Game Captain: The mood music is very pleasant and fresh.

Demo News: the fights skill does not play a role, the units behave on the whole reasonably...

Please go to Rising Kingdoms reviews section to read press articles.

It's Team Peek time #5
July 4, 2005

IGN learns how the feelings of Rising Kingdoms sound engineer Tsvetomir Hristov, resonate in our latest game.

You can read the entire interview here.

It's Team Peek time #4
June 27, 2005

Dimitar Georgiev, designer of Rising Kingdoms team, shares his oppinion on various aspects of our latest title to IGN. For example, which were the funniest moments experienced during game development, what are some tricks to better equip your champions?

You can read the entire interview here.

It's Team Peek time #3
June 23, 2005

This time IGN interviews Ivan Stoianov, a designer on the Rising Kingdoms team. See our latest strategy features through his point of view and don't forget to compare it to thouse of our other teammates.

You can read the entire interview here.

It's Team Peek time #2
June 20, 2005

IGN continues to interview members of the Rising Kingdoms team about their individual views on the game's Races, Champions and Campaign in the game.

This time Alexander Savchovsky - a programmer from the Rising Kingdoms team, reveals his point of view on the game's Human race as well as some useful tricks on how best to use Human Champions and troops.

You can read the entire interview here.

It's Team Peak time!
June 17, 2005

Part of the team at Haemimont Games reveals its preferences towards Races, Missions and Champions in our upcoming game Rising Kingdoms. See who are their favourite Champions, and learn tricks about how to use them along with hidden advantages behind the developers' favourite races.

Read the entire interview here.

Rising Kingdoms site is now available
June 6, 2005

The section on our site dedicated to Rising Kingdoms, our upcoming real-time strategy game with role-playing elements, is now live! You can find there a lot of information on the game, including screenshots and links to the game-play trailer and Rising Kingdoms demo.