Imperivm sells 1 million units in Spain and Italy alone
May 2, 2006

FX Interactive reported today that the Imperivm franchise has sold over 1 million copies in Spain, Italy, and Latin America alone.

The game's best players from Spain and Italy fought at a tournament organized to celebrate the event. Congratulations to Atticus from Spain who won the tournament and got a 42" plasma television set. Each of the top 100 online players received an iPod.

Watch a video report from the event in Italian.
Celtic Kings Bonus Maps
June 27, 2003

Download the new Celtic Kings adventure, Return to the Throne, as well as two scenarios with custom rules for single- or multiplayer games. Ascendency is a battle for control of a territory with many outposts, each of which trains different units for you. The fall of Avalon places you and your friends in defense of a vast stronghold under siege by countless barbarians. The maps are translated in English, Russian and Spanish.
Celtic Kings Patch 1.15
January 21, 2003

Patch 1.15 provides various fixes as well as two new mini-games to enjoy - Defenders and Invaders.
Read more about the patch contents from the downloads section.
LAN party in Belgum
December 31, 2002

Celtic Kings will be played at a LAN party in Belgium ogranized by

Five copies of the game and other awards will be distributed among the gamers on the party. Read the full press release here.

German help patch
November 19, 2002

For all gamers which play the German (European) version, apply this patch (~560K) to make the in-game help system working.

All other version don't have to be patched, you can freely skip this patch.
Celtic Kings is No1 in Spain
November 13, 2002

Celtic Kings is the best selling title in Spain for the last week. The game is know there under the name Imperivm and is published by FX Interactive.

FX, you're the best!
Review at Game Chronicles
October 10, 2002

The latest review of Celtic Kings can be found on Game Cronicles. The author does a very good job on finding the strong and (unfortunatelly) some weak points of the game. His final judgement is overall score of 7.9.

Read the review here.

Celtic Kings Patch 1.10 Released
October 8, 2002

The Celtic Kings patch adds 20 new maps in single and multiplayer modes, improved AI and multiplayer performance, and various fixes of compatibility and stability issues.

European players do not need to download this patch.

CGW Editor's Choice
October 4, 2002

Celtic Kings was nominated Editor's Choice by Computer Gaming World.

Celtic Kings ships in Europe
October 4, 2002

We have a report from an Italian fan that the game could be seen in the stores there. Expect the game in France, Germany, Italy and UK. Today is the day!